Tout ce que j'ai compilé pour et sur slugosbe 5.3

Certains produits sont vraiment long à compiler. aussi je les conserve ici en guise de sauvegarde. Si cela peut être utile à d'autres…

It can take a long time to compile some software on the nslu2. So I keep those softs here, as a backup. Maybe, this page will be useful to someone else…


For unison 2.27.57, I applied debian patches that allow compilation with ocaml 3.12.0 and fix some texts. For the next releases, I also applied the corresponding debian patches without taking a look at them, nor trying to compile without them.

Please note that ipkg does not provide ocamlcopt, the ocaml compiler that produces native code. I was unable to compile – after several hours of compilation– a working ocamlcopt caml compiler. The result is a semi fast unison that uses bytecode and embeds a bytecode interpreter.

This a command line only version. I don't have gtk on my slug, and, most probably, will never have.

Téléchargement de unison compilé pour slugOSBE 5.3 . download compiled binaries for slugOSBE 5.3 :


installation dans /opt/schplurtz. CF Compilation et installation de pcre sur nslu2

Téléchargement de pcre compilé pour slugOSBE 5.3 . download compiled binaries for slugOSBE 5.3


installation dans /opt/schplurtz. CF Passage de lighttp à nginx

Téléchargement de nginx compilé pour slugOSBE 5.3 . download compiled binaries for slugOSBE 5.3

file comment source license
nslu2-slugosbe-nginx-1.2.3.tar.bz2 needs pcre 8.3.1 runtime
bare nginx
nginx-1.2.3.tar.gz nginx-license
nslu2-slugosbe-nginx-1.2.3-dav-ext.tar.bz2 needs pcre 8.3.1 runtime
nginx + full DAV1)
idem above +


installation dans /opt/schplurtz. CF How to solve __sync_add_and_fetch_4 for compilation and motivation details

file source licence
nslu2-slubosbe-linux-atomic-gcc-4.6.3.tar.gz linux-atomic-src-modified.tar.gz modified source ready to compile
gcc-core-4.6.3.tar.gz unmodified whole gcc-core-4.6.3 source tree


installation dans /opt/schplurtz. modification and compilation details are here

The library present in the above .tar.gz archive, includes the file linux-atomic.o that is the result of the compilation – using only gcc – of a modified version of file gcc-4.6.3/gcc/config/arm/linux-atomic.c from gcc-4.6.3. The file linux-atomic.c itself is distributed under the GNU GPLV3 license with GCC RUNTIME LIBRARY EXCEPTION. This makes it legal to distribute icu4c binaries, under the original free «IBM and others» ICU license.

full DAV from Arutyunyan Roman as stated on nginx' wiki HttpDavModule page.